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Triathlon 2017 Calendar

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Start DateEnd DateEventNotes
21 January22 JanuaryTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017La Paz
22 January22 JanuaryTriathlon ETU European Winter Cup 2017Gradistei
28 January28 JanuaryTriathlon ETU Winter European Championships 2017
11 February11 FebruaryTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Cape Town
12 February12 FebruaryTriathlon OTU Sprint Oceanian Championships 2017
25 February25 FebruaryTriathlon CAMTRI Middle Distance Iberoamerican Championships 2017
26 February26 FebruaryTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Havana
26 February26 FebruaryTriathlon ITU Winter World Cup 2017
3 March4 MarchTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Abu Dhabi
4 March4 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI Junior Central American and Caribbean Championships 2017
4 March5 MarchTriathlon ASTC Duathlon Middle Distance Asian Championships 2017
4 March5 MarchTriathlon OTU Junior Oceanian Championships 2017
5 March5 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Playa Hermosa
11 March12 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI Junior North American Championships 2017
11 March12 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI Sprint & Mixed team Relay American Championships 2017
11 March12 MarchTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Mooloolaba
18 March18 MarchTriathlon OTU Oceanian Championships 2017
19 March19 MarchTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Aldam Resort
19 March19 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Montevideo
19 March19 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI Iberoamerican & South American Championships 2017
19 March19 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI Junior & Youth South American Championships 2017
25 March25 MarchTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017La Paz
26 March26 MarchTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Las Palmas
1 April1 AprilTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Troutbeck Resort
1 April1 AprilTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Vargas
1 April2 AprilTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Quarteira
1 April2 AprilTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Quarteira
2 April2 AprilTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017New Plymouth
8 April8 AprilTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Sharm El Sheikh
8 April8 AprilTriathlon ATU Pan Arab Championships 2017
8 April9 AprilTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Gold Coast
9 April9 AprilTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Hamilton
15 April15 AprilTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Rabat
23 April23 AprilTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Bridgetown
23 April23 AprilTriathlon CAMTRI Central American & Caribbean Championships 2017
29 April29 AprilTriathlon ASTC Junior Asian Cup 2017
29 April30 AprilTriathlon ETU Duathlon European Championships 2017
30 April30 AprilTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Subic Bay
30 April30 AprilTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Salinas
6 May7 MayTriathlon ATU African Championships 2017
6 May7 MayTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Chengdu
7 May7 MayTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Richmond
13 May14 MayTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Yokohama
20 May20 MayTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Larache
20 May20 MayTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Ixtapa
21 May21 MayTriathlon ETU Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships 2017
27 May27 MayTriathlon ETU Aquathlon European Championships 2017
28 May28 MayTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Madrid
3 June3 JuneTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Taizhou
3 June4 JuneTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Cagliari
4 June4 JuneTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017New Taipei
10 June10 JuneTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Huatulco
10 June10 JuneTriathlon ETU Middle Distance European Championships 2017
10 June11 JuneTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Leeds
11 June11 JuneTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Weert
16 June18 JuneTriathlon ETU European Championships 2017
17 June17 JuneTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Ottawa
18 June18 JuneTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Gamagori
24 June24 JuneTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Bled
24 June25 JuneTriathlon ETU Sprint European Championships 2017
25 June25 JuneTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Osaka
25 June25 JuneTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Laguna de Yahuarcocha
1 July1 JulyTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Holten
1 July1 JulyTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Holten
1 July2 JulyTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Sokcho
2 July2 JulyTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Altafulla
2 July2 JulyTriathlon ETU Mediterranean Championships 2017
7 July9 JulyTriathlon ETU Balkan Championships 2017
8 July8 JulyTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Takamatsu
9 July9 JulyTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Raccoon River Park
9 July9 JulyTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Tartu
13 July16 JulyTriathlon ETU Youth European Championships Festival 2017
15 July15 JulyTriathlon CAMTRI Junior American Championships 2017
15 July16 JulyTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Hamburg
16 July16 JulyTriathlon ITU Mixed Team Relay World Championships 2017
21 July23 JulyTriathlon ASTC Asian Championships 2017
22 July23 JulyTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Tiszaujvaros
22 July23 JulyTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Tiszaujvaros
23 July23 JulyTriathlon ETU Club European Championships 2017
27 July30 JulyTriathlon ETU Cross European Championships 2017
28 July29 JulyTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Edmonton
29 July30 JulyTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Astana
29 July30 JulyTriathlon ASTC Central Asian Championships 2017
29 July30 JulyTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Beylikduzu
30 July30 JulyTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Tabor
5 August5 AugustTriathlon CISM Military World Championships 2017
5 August6 AugustTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Malmo
5 August6 AugustTriathlon ETU Under 23 European Championships 2017
5 August6 AugustTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Montréal
12 August13 AugustTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Mérida
13 August13 AugustTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Legazpi Boulevard
13 August13 AugustTriathlon ETU Baltic Championships 2017
13 August13 AugustTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Wuustwezel
13 August13 AugustTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Riga
18 August27 AugustTriathlon ITU Multisport World Championships 2017
19 August19 AugustTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Lausanne
26 August27 AugustTriathlon OTU Pacific Islands Championships 2017
26 August27 AugustTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Stockholm
2 September3 SeptemberTriathlon ETU Nordic Championships 2017
2 September3 SeptemberTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Karlovy Vary
3 September3 SeptemberTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Tulcea
3 September3 SeptemberTriathlon ITU Long Distance Duathlon World Championships 2017
9 September9 SeptemberTriathlon ETU Long Distance European Championships 2017
10 September10 SeptemberTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Zagreb
15 September16 SeptemberTriathlon ITU Junior & Under 23 World Championships 2017
16 September17 SeptemberTriathlon ITU World Series 2017Rotterdam
23 September23 SeptemberTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Funchal
23 September24 SeptemberTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Huelva
24 September24 SeptemberTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Murakami
24 September24 SeptemberTriathlon OTU Oceanian Cup 2017
30 September30 SeptemberTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Halfmoon Bay
6 October6 OctoberTriathlon ASTC Duathlon Asian Cup 2017
6 October6 OctoberTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Aqaba
6 October6 OctoberTriathlon ASTC West Asian Championships 2017
7 October8 OctoberTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Sarasota
8 October8 OctoberTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Le Morne
8 October8 OctoberTriathlon ETU European Cup 2017Melilla
8 October8 OctoberTriathlon ETU Junior European Cup 2017Melilla
21 October21 OctoberTriathlon ASTC Asian Cup 2017Sunny Bay
22 October22 OctoberTriathlon CAMTRI American Championships 2017
28 October28 OctoberTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Tongyeong
29 October29 OctoberTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Salinas
4 November4 NovemberTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Agadir
4 November4 NovemberTriathlon ITU World Cup 2017Miyazaki
12 November12 NovemberTriathlon CAMTRI American Cup 2017Santo Domingo
12 November12 NovemberTriathlon CAMTRI Youth Central American and Caribbean Championships 2017
2 December2 DecemberTriathlon ATU African Cup 2017Dakhla

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